The Story

Quality Kitchens Since 1995

More than 20 years ago, it started with a vision to supply local homeowners with fantastic, quality kitchens at affordable prices, with unbeatable personal service.

Angela Steel had worked in the industry for many years, acquiring the knowledge and experience to become a first-rate designer and business operator before settling down in Rugby and starting Alex Lee Kitchens.

The independent company was established and opened its first showroom on Clifton Road in 1995. It was named after Angela's two sons, Alex and Ashleigh. The business progressed in leaps and bounds, and in 2010 launched its current showroom on Hillmorton Road. At this time, there were also changes to the companies suppliers and they introduced Pronorm (German) Kitchens to the product line.

In 2015 Alex Lee Kitchens began a new marketing initiative. They reached the finals for the BKU showroom of the year award and became Rugby's first and only Premier Partner with leading technologists, AEG.

The family-run business maintains the same customer-centric approach that made it a success to begin. With more than two decades of history, building relations with local customers, suppliers, contractors, and affiliates, the family has grown and its bonds are stronger and more rewarding than ever before.

Alex and Angela continue to develop the business, creating kitchens that are ideal for each owner's individual needs, and delivering affordable 'WOW' factor for everyone.

"The family-run business maintains the same customer-centric approach that made it a success to begin..."

Alex Lee Kitchens
260 Hillmorton Rd,
Rugby, Warks, CV22 5BW
01788 571 353

Meet the Team

Angela Steel


Angela is a veteran of the kitchen and home renovation world.

She will be your dedicated project manager, overseeing everything that goes in and comes out of your project with limitless care and attention.

She exudes a vivacious energy that's infectious, loves the finest in home comforts, and enjoys a lively social life - going on long walks through the countryside and singing in a female barbershop chorus.

Alex Steel


Alex strives for perfection and achieves excellence on a daily basis.

His thoroughness and keen eye make him a great designer - he'll surprise and amaze you with detailed plans and his dynamic presentation skills.

Also a seasoned chef, Alex has a passion for gastronomy and emphasises the importance of functionality for cooking and prepping in the kitchen.