Worktops & Sinks

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

We have scoured the industry (excuse the pun) for the best quality, highest value worktops for your new kitchen.

Selecting the right surfaces can be far more difficult than it first seems and is an important factor to the overall price of your project.

We have simplified the process with tried and tested products from great manufacturers across all price points. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you are getting the best for your budget.


Mistral & Corian

Alex Lee Kitchens is the only supplier of Mistral in Rugby.

A fantastic product for solid acrylic work surfaces, the product allows for flexibility in design, seamless jointing and drainer grooves. It comes in at a very competitive price point for such high quality and good looks. We use specialist fitters trained to install Mystral tops specifically, so it really is the full package.

We also provide Corian. Considered the brand leader for solid acrylic surfaces, it comes with the price tag to match but also provides a wider choice of colours and styles.


Neolith & Dekton

Ceramic worktops are very hard wearing and durable. They work best in simple designs with bold arrangements. Combined with a sleek aesthetic, it makes a great choice for modern and minimalist kitchen designs.

Despite the luxurious finish and elegant looks of ceramic, it's very robust, boasting scratch and heat resistance too.

Neolith & Dekton are innovative companies that are ahead of the game, bringing great new products to market and setting the latest trends.


Silestone & Compaq

Quartz is a man-made material. It's produced by combining 90% ground quartz (a natural hard mineral) with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. The result is a granite-like surface that's easier on your budget and looks incredible.

The variety of finishes and choices at different price points also make quartz a very popular choice for modern kitchens.

Silestone is the industry leader here, but Compaq also has great designs and are competitively priced. Both offer 25-year warranties.


Solid Granite Worktops

Granite is a natural rock cut out the side of a mountain and polished to an incredible finish. This is why granite worktops are the most expensive and often desirable option.

Because it is natural stone, each piece is unique as it is beautiful and makes for a stunning focal point in your kitchen. It's usually best to design other features around the stone to allow for maximum visual impact.

A very strong material, it is difficult to scratch, resistant to temperature changes and will last for lifetimes.


German engineered sinks & taps from Blanco offers lots of choice, fantastic designs and top functionality at low prices. They are great for the regular sink and tap options but really come into their own when it comes to ceramic and granite composite sinks.


If you're looking for more flare from your sink and taps, Italian designed products from Abode are sure to please. They have tons of options that are fantastic for all types and styles of kitchen. We particularly like their Pronteau range of 4 in 1 taps (hot, cold, filtered, boiling).

Why don't you come and see for yourself in our Rugby showrooms?

We have working displays that show off the latest looks and features, which we can demonstrate and advise on.